Yoga for Infants

For infants, yoga focuses on providing a calming environment. This practice helps to promote better sleep patterns and more relaxation overall. Yoga will also stimulate the infants body, ultimately helping with gross motor skills.

For 6/9 months - 1 year the physical and social aspects of the baby's development is impacted by Yoga. It helps with movement of the joints as they learn to crawl, pull up and walk. The natural bonding that occurs in Yoga between baby and Yogi or parent encourages future positive relationships.

Yoga Time
Each child is placed on the yoga mat and receives a series of massages to stimulate digestion, stretch the muscles in their arms, legs, hands and feet, and massage the scalp to stimulate a deep sense of peace.   A short series of poses will be performed while holding the child, allowing them to become accustomed with the flow of movement.


Yoga introduces social and physical experiences among friends with an intention on reducing stress and frustration. Being a 1 year old is very stressful as they are challenged constantly with falling and they are facing consistent communication challenges. Yoga offers exercise and play that can help with emotional and social challenges as well as encourages the toddlers to explore their inner being by expressing themselves freely and physically through Yoga.

Yoga Time
Early Toddlers will be welcomed to join in song and dance to get their muscles warmed up and blood pumping. Next they will move to the floor for story time which illustrates different poses such as butterfly, star, downward dog and cat. Children will enjoy a few more songs with dance and will finish with a sweet time on the mat relaxing with the back down and entering their “secret garden” and other fantasy locations in the imagination. This practice emphasises contentment in the present moment and the child acquires the ability to self-soothe.

For older toddlers. we begin with a song and movement followed by a short lesson on pranayama (breath control) which shows the children the importance of conscious breathing for stress reduction and living life in the present. A short story follows illustrating poses from sitting and standing positions. Children are able to adapt poses and make them personal. The practice ends sweetly in the prone position for a final meditation in their personal secret garden.

Yoga forToddlers

Kids Afterschool Yoga
Enrichment Programs
Fun simple enrichment exercises centered on living a life of balance with a continual mindset of well being and gratitude. Classes are held in private and public schools, with seasonal off-campus kids camps offered as well.
Exercises are designed to improve balance, self expression, positive interaction and an overall sense of peace.
Exercises include:
1 - Conscious breath
2 - Being present
3 - Yoga sequences
4 - Emotional awareness 
5 - Energy flow  
Added Benefits:
Improved relationships. Using good manners and kindness is the quickest way to get my needs met and improves the likelihood of getting what I desire.
Peace through self care. I will experience the satisfaction that comes from mastering my impulses as well as peace that comes as a result of intentional stillness and relaxation.
Proper etiquette leads to self empowerment. Polite interaction with others provides me the reward of being acknowledged and heard. When I'm acknowledged and heard it's more likely that I will feel accepted and embraced by my friends, teachers and family, improving my self concept overall.
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Michelle Hammond and David Hammond
Kids Yoga Enrichment Program
I think Stefany does a great job; it's not just yoga poses, they do chanting, meditation, a story, and other yoga-related activities. She is great with the kids, very loving and patient.


"Meditation is the act of getting quiet and settling the mind.  It's the process of slowing and eventually stopping your thoughts, at which point you can bask in and feel the silence, trusting all that you need exists within you.  When you dip into this place of stillness, you begin to touch your soul. It is absolutely one of the most divine and sumptuous ways to feed your inner and outer self.
On a physical level, meditation benefits your body: it acts as both a preventative and reactive medicine.  There are endless studies which show the direct and positive impact that meditation has on the entire human body.  On a soul level, meditation impacts your personal existence and changes how you participate in and perceive your life to be.  Using this tool on a daily basis will bring you peace and allow you to tap into your internal pot of gold. The infinite potential to transform and heal your life rests within you, and it is through meditation that this potential can be realized. The beauty of practicing meditation is that over time you will begin to experience its "ripple effects".  These ripples take shape in all different areas of your life: on a personal basis you are feeling grounded and centered: on a professional basis you start to have clarity and opportunities appear: on a mental and physical basis your symptoms, issues begin to shift and healing occurs. On a spiritual basis you begin to connect with your highest truth. Your life begins to flow."  Suzanne Toro - Bare Naked Bliss

Bhakti Yoga

The Sanskrit word bhakti comes from the root bhaj, which means "to adore or worship God." Bhakti Yoga has been called "love for love's sake" and "union through love and devotion."  Like any other form of yoga, is a path to self understanding, acceptance of reality and peace with self and reality.
Gentle yoga is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises while developing strength, balance and inner peace.  A typical gentle yoga session consists of slight modifications of the standard poses which can be adapted for all skill levels. Those with higher skill levels are drawn to a holistic practice as it nourishes the mind, body and soul simultaneously.  The ultimate aim of this kind of practice is to make sure that the student does not experience any discomfort while performing the pose while maintaining a clear focus on breath and inner process. For instance, when performing the warrior pose, student does not have to bend to a complete 90 degree angle, therefore saving the thighs and the hamstrings from the extra strain. This also makes the pose much easier to perform. The body is also given adequate time to recover between two poses.  This allows the student to receive the most physical benefit while maintaining the meditative process. This can make a regular session of gentle yoga longer than the average session.

What to Expect in Your Private Session

Women and men from all walks of life, including those with able bodies and those physically challenged, are welcome. Our commonality is the desire to grasp a different way of being: living life with an intentional focus on gratitude in the present.

We will start with breathwork and meditation to ease the mind, body and spirit, thus creating space to connect with our heart center. When the mind is quiet the heart will speak, bearing good news for each of us.

We will then practice nurturing Bhakti yoga with a continual focus on our breath and maintaining a compassionate view of self, void of all judgment, followed by energy release and creating verbal vibrations (chants/affirmations) to affirm your highest self. Added benefits include building physical strength, balance and flexibility.

We will finish with a resting pose (savasana) and indulge in rest as you melt into the earth and leave all the world's burdens behind you. Essential oils are applied with light body and scalp massage.​

You will leave the session with a renewed sense of peace and calm.


Meredith Rocky
Eleni Jordan
Stephanie Donaldson
Manager at Rythma Dance Studios

Hatha Yoga Class
Thank you Stefany! Your practice is a wonderful gift <3 So Grateful for you!

Private Practice
Much gratitude to Stefany for holding the yoga classes at The Park At Johns Creek retirement community. I've always enjoyed yoga and had not realized how much I missed it until Stefany shared her unique practice with us.  Again, many thanks for all you did for us. I always looked forward to the space she created and always felt inspired to grow in my personal practice.

Hatha Yoga Class
Stefany has brought a wonderful yoga and meditation program to the Johns Creek Arts Center.  I have worked with Ms. Gregg in my position as Community Outreach Director over the past several months.  She has a compassion for the wellness of others and brings professionalism to her sessions that make her students return each week. Ms. Gregg has an ability to connect with her students teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced techniques ensuring that each individual feels important and not out of place.  Her style of yoga and calming meditation are a great outlet for all levels of experience, beginners included. I highly recommend Ms. Gregg without reservation.

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