About Me
With sincere gratitude I can tell you that I was dearly loved and cherished when I was brought into this world.  Knowing that I was of value on a level that I couldn't define at the time has sustained me to this day.  With That being said I also inherited negative patterns and faulty wiring.  This fauty wiring had been  the basis of most of the conclusions I came to and the foundation of the most important decisions I made throughout my life's journey.  As if I were given a script to follow, the very same one my mother's mother gave to her, I repeated many of the mistakes my mother did for the very same reasons. Only after integrating everything from fitness, spirituality, therapy and anti-depressants in order to rid myself of these patterns did I find the missing piece that I'd been serarching for, a piece I didn't even know was possible to find; healing my brain.
My process of healing provided tools and knowledge, creating literal space in my mind to cultivate a more peaceful, satisfying and confident life. Now I can share simple skills to assist positive changes and reverse negative patterns. Patterns that are the source of much pain, thereby creating space for more positive behaviors and fulfilling choices that are suited to your personal needs, interests, skills and yes, desires. When we minimize emotional pain we can create new space for healthier thoughts and experiences which maximize potential, gaining increased freedom to love, receive love, and live happily in the present moment.

April 2015​​
(Pictured - with my son Andrew, daughter Isabella and our precious dog Gretta Marie)


I am a certified yoga trainer who has completed over two hundred hours Atma Yoga: Soul Immersion & Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Saul David Raye and special guest teachers. I have studied Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Bhakti and holistic health through philosophy, techniques, teaching methodology, practice teaching, anatomy and physiology, lifestyle and ethics, all woven through intensive practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, ceremony and satsangh. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of Bakersfield, California and have also completed a 10 day silent meditation at the South East Vipassana Centre, Georgia through Vipassana Mediatation.